Concrete staining & Epoxy Fishing Services

           Roman's Painting & Renovations LLC can turn your home or business concrete surface into a nice masterpiece with the application of concrete staining, epoxy floors or polyaspartic coating. We have the experience and the tools to transform your concrete surface beautiful piece of artwork. We will work with you to make sure we incorporate your vision. We specialize in basement, driveways, garage floors, interior floor, and kitchen counter top. We will begin the process by cleaning the concrete floor and surface to remove any dirt and dust. All cracks and potholes will be prepared before any application of stain or epoxy paint, giving it an even look. Epoxy Floor Coating is a stain and water resistant can withstand any chemical spills and cleaner, and heat resistant. As we all know oil can ruin your concrete floor. With the application of Epoxy coating, it allows you to be able to clean up any oil spills without damaging your floor. There is a varied range of epoxy coating available.

Epoxy Finishing and Coating

  • Preparing surface

Preparation of your concrete surface is necessary in order to ensure adhesion between the epoxy and substrate. Sanding and diamond grinding are two methods that can be used.

  • Cleaning

Before priming we have to make sure that all dust and residues are cleaned, an industrial vacuum will be used to ensure proper cleaning.

  • Repairs and Priming

All crack is repaired with a diamond cutter to improve the anchoring of the grout. After all, repairs are completed prime is then applied using the suitable epoxy primer. Priming your concrete will give your floor a longer life and better adhesion to the substrate. Allowing to seal properly and avoiding any bubbles and gasses.

  • Application

The first epoxy coating is applied, we allow a 24 before we re-coated. Then any visual problems such as cracks or holes will be repaired before the second application.

  • Concrete Staining

A mixture of water, mineral salts and a slight amount of muriatic acid is applied to the concrete surface. By the application of aggressive acid (Hydrochloric or muriatic) which destroy the cement paste that penetrates to allows the acid stain to react and develop it marble color. 

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