Exterior Painting

Our mission here at Roman's Painting & Renovations LLC is to take your project from start to its completion and provide you with high-quality exterior painting. The exterior of your home is as important as the interior of your home. In order to achieve our goal, we have a process that we follow. Our procedure ensures us that your property will be fully prepared prior to any painting and allow us to transform your home exterior into the home of your dreams.

In order to make this process as smooth as possible, we follow these steps.


The first step in preparing your home is to power wash or hand wash any necessary areas that the exterior of your home may need. By doing so we will remove dirt, mildew, and debris.


We would look thru out the exterior of your home and properly prepare any areas that have loose paint and scrape it, fix any gaps by caulking in order to prevent any water intrusion and any glossy areas that need to be scuff sanded. We will inspect trim to make sure they are any loose boards and make sure that any area that needs to be protected from paint is masked off.


Then the exterior of your home will then be primed to all bare surface which prevents the adhesion of your paint and extending the lifespan of the exterior paint, before applying premium-quality paint. All trims are hand painted and usually take two coats and doors are painted with smooth spray in order to have a nice finish look.


All accents and fixtures will be painted last.


With the completion of your project, we will make sure that all the areas around your home are clean up, by removing any paint chips, traps, masking we make have use and any equipment.


The most important set is your inspection. I will inspect the job and fix any issues. Once inspected I will accompany you and do a thorough final inspection to ensure your satisfaction. 

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