Faux Painting and Decorative Service

        There are many beautiful faux decorative painting you can choose from. Roman's Painting & Renovations LLC specializes in faux painting or faux finishing. Which is used to decorate and replicate the appearance of marble, wood or stone. The glaze is mix with the paint of your choice. The glaze is used to slow down the drying time which allows us to manipulate it with sponge, rag or other faux painting tools. You can count on us to deliver. We will help you thru out the entire process.

Faux Painting of Faux Finishing process

The area is prepared to make sure the surface of the wall is ready for application and drop cloth is placed in floor room to prevent any damage. Walls are then are coated with satin sheet paint or BIN primer and left to dry. Paint of choice is then mixed with glaze. A 4' x 4' is then rolled with a short nap roller then using the faux painting tools to create the design. We then continue working in sections of 4x4 until the whole wall is completed. Each layer needs to dry completely before the next application. 

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