Stucco Painting & Repair Services

         Stucco provides your home with a beautiful look. Thru out years, you will notice brown streaks near your windows and large cracks. Cracks stucco can create additional damages such as swelling, wood rot, mildew, paint failure and even further cracking along the way. That why is important to take care of this problem as soon as possible to prevent further damages. Roman's Painting & Renovations LLC will repair and paint your stucco and restore it to its previous condition.

Repair and painting process for stucco

  • We will remove dirt and dust from the surface of the stucco...
  • We then caulk hairline cracks in the stucco using masonry-compatible caulking.
  • We then have to wait 10 days for day to allow the stucco repair product to get cured before painting.
  • Primer elastomeric/waterproof sealant coating is then applied to seal the stucco surface. Which creates a barrier that prevents water intrusion and prevents growth and penetrations of mold, mildew, pollution, sewage, oil, and wax build-up. This formula restores, seals. protects and prolongs the life of many porous surfaces.
  • Then stucco & Masonry exterior paint is used to paint the stucco. This paint dries within one hour and can be tinted with over 1,000 colors. 

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