Vinyl and Aluminum Siding painting

       If the exterior of your home is vinyl or aluminum siding looks dull or no longer standouts. You can trust Roman's Painting & Renovations LLC for your aluminum and vinyl siding project. We offer professional painting services. This project can completely change the look of your home and can save you thousands of dollars. weather you have traditional or high tech vinyl siding we can guarantee to get the job done.

The process to in the application of paint to vinyl and aluminum siding:

  • Vinyl and aluminum are washed to remove any excess dirt, mold or debris.
  • As for aluminum siding all chalkiness must be washed and scrubbed off, and any flaky paint will be removed. When everything is clean, dry then primer is applied. We will use an oil-based primer. before moving to the next step.

We recommend using a color that is similar to its original color. We will help you thru out the entire process and selections. 

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