Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Here at Roman's Painting & Renovations LLC, we have the proper technique and tools to remove or install any wall covering. Saving you the time and frustration, and possible any damage you may cause to your walls. The removing of wallpaper can leave a uniform surface and simply be painting over it will make your wall look poor and unattractive. Leaving bubbles, tears, and seams visible. Roman's Painting & Renovations LLC will work thru the toughest wall covering while protecting the wall to ensure that there no damage. Wall covering can give your home an elegant look to your walls. We install foil wallpaper, hand-painted wallpaper, flocked wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, decorative wall borders, and murals. We can assure to bring beauty to any room.

Proper preparation is needed to ensure that the job is done right the first time

  • All old wallpaper is removed without the use of chemicals or solvents.
  • We then wash walls to remove any glue residue. We properly preparer any area with latex primer/ sealer, or skim coat that creates a smooth layer and repairs any damage or blemishes it might have.
  • Wall is then sand to create a smooth surface leaving the wall 100% for painting and the adding of the wall covering.
  • The wallpaper is then measured and cut to ensure that the wall covering fits properly.
  • The wallpaper is then sealed. 

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